Be in full control of your communication habits in Japan.

For more successful and happier business.
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Stop being "Lost in Translation"

Communication is the key in any business whether you speak the language or not. Especially in Japan, true understanding of the power of verbal and non verbal communication helps you build rapport with your potential business partners.
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Be more effective than ever

Your presentation and persuasion skills become such valueable assets in doing buisiness in Japan. It’s important to understand what your clients expect and value. It’s also critical you deliver your message clearly and accurately in the most culturally effective way. Our service is design to help you along with each and every step. 

Our company has been working with Business Brain Japan since our Tokyo office launch 2 years ago. Their commitment to deeply understand our business and clients before they personalized the program is  what made our experience so different and successful! 

Rachel Decker HubSpot, inc.

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